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Carnes Honey Powder Coffee a Hit in Korea!


Carnes Coffee successfully unveiled its new Coffee Mix with Honey Powder line at the 2014 Seoul Food Expo that took place in mid-May. The new line of individually packaged coffee mix features honey powder as a sugar substitute. Carnes Coffee Mix with Honey Powder is marketed as a healthy and delicious coffee drink that gives you the benefits of both coffee and honey. Anticipation and curiosity for the new product was high amongst expo attendees, as the company touted its new line of instant coffee mix to be the first ever to be mixed with honey.

Expo attendees lined up at the Carnes Coffee booth, eager to sample a taste of the honey powder mixed coffee. As a result of the expo, Carnes Coffee is undergoing contracts with many major department stores in the Seoul area. According to Carnes Coffee representatives, the company is looking to expand their line of instant coffee mixes with a diet coffee line and an organic coffee line. 

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