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What makes ARABICA COFFEE better?

Arabica coffee is indigenous to the Southwest mountains of Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen and Kenya, hence the meaning of Arabica, ‘from Arabia’. It is one of the first species of coffee to ever be cultivated. Arabica coffee grows best in the mountains and is harder to grow than its counterpart Robusta. The Arabica coffee plant needs low pH soil, light shade, evenly distributed rain, and a temperature of around 68F in order to thrive. The plant is also more vulnerable to pests and has a longer growing cycle than Robusta. All of these factors contribute to the higher cost of Arabica coffee.



Arabica coffee is known to be better tasting than Robusta coffee. Robusta cherries contain two times as much caffeine as Arabica. Caffeine is what gives coffee its bitter taste and Arabica contains less caffeine than any other commercially grown coffee. Arabica coffee offers a smooth and pleasing taste. Carnes selects special Arabica beans to achieve the most desired taste. Choose Carnes Arabica coffee for a gourmet coffee experience.

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