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Our Carnes Premium Coffee uses 100% Arabica coffee for excellent flavor and aroma and is made in the USA. 


About Carnes


Carnes Coffee has been committed to delivering the highest quality instant coffee to consumers for the last twenty years. Since the beginning, Carnes has been sourcing the best tasting Arabica coffee beans, with its first line of Carnes Premium Coffee. The company has grown significantly since then, always looking to develop new products to meet the needs of the modern consumer. All Carnes products are made in the USA with the highest standards of quality control. Here at Carnes Coffee we are dedicated to our goal that every cup of coffee you enjoy is not only delicious but better for you and the environment. Just like the first coffeehouses, we know that coffee inspires ideas that can change the world. 

The Origin of Carnes


The name Carnes refers to the very first coffeehouses that opened in Mecca in the 15th century known as kaveh kanes, which rapidly spread throughout the Arab world. These kaveh kanes were thriving social hubs where people gathered for business dealings and entertainment. In the kaveh kanes, all walks of life came together to enjoy coffee and the company of others. These kaveh kanes were frequented by travelers who later spread coffee all over the world. In particular, German physician, L. Lavolf, shared his travel journal, and is responsible for introducing coffee to Europe. Coffee is now one of the most popular beverages in the world.


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